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home birth question

Hi everyone! Congrats to all of you! I am planning on TTC in a couple of years and am very interested in home birth and no meds. Can anyone recommed a book or something like that with good info on the topic or has anyone done this and want to share their story?  TIA :)

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  • Check out the recommended reading section on www.thebusinessofbeingborn.com .  BTW - I also highly recommend the documentary "The Business of Being Born".  Really well done with some great points in it.

  • I concur with the above poster.  Get the documentary.  The business of being born.  After watching this and reading a few books. I was definately sold.

    Both my  husband and i have decided on a homebirth. 

    Our bodies are strong and capable of the unimaginable.  Women have done this for centuries!

    My parents were homebirthed.  I was born in the hospital because my parents didn't know any better.

    A few other books I would thumb through.

    Author: Ina May Gaskin (she is the most reknowned Midwife in the US) she has written several books.  Including  "Spritural  Midwifery" and "A guide to natural childbirth"

    I actually just am searching for more info on this subject but am coming up with nothing!!!!  i am surprised there is nothing on here for homebirthing!!!! 

    There are lots of natural hospital birth info..but nothing on homebirth.

    oooo also... I would check youtube.com  they MANY homebirths on there..some are very sweet.

    Good luck. and page me on the San Francisco local board..maybe we can be sources of info for each other... I am TTC now.
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  • We are planning a home birth with midwives. It is our second birth. Our first was an "emergency" c-section (not convinced it was a real emergency after doing more research into what our situation was) so this birth will be a VBAC. I'm fortunate to live in an area where midwives are legal, free (covered by Provincial Canadian health care system) and very supportive of VBAC's, even in a home birth.

     I would get in touch with a midwife as soon as you find out you're pregnant (they fill up quick sometimes, depending on where you live) and she would most likely be your main resource for home birth information. Also doula's of course.

    Check out www.gentlebirth.org and www.birthingnaturally.net
  • Hi! My H and I are planning a homebirth for our second, due in March.

    I second Ina May's Guide to Childbirth...lots of info and birth stories.

    Also, Gentle Birth Choices and Birthing From Within are great books. Both are very informative and very inspiring.


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