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2nd born, but 1st C-Section!

Isaac was born Tuesday, June 24 at 4:24 am, via C-section.

I was home alone Monday night, reading my book (Cell by Steven King). Adrian was in bed, and I was just finishing a chapter and heading to bed myself when my water broke.
I called Nick at work and he gave me heck for not calling my mom first. ^_^; So I called my mom and she came over with my dad. My dad stayed home with Adrian (it was almost midnight, afterall) and my mom took me to the hospital.
Thankfully, I wasn't having painful contractions yet, because we got LOST on the way to the hospital. We missed the turn on to Adelaide because we were talking - and ended up taking lots of turns down all these dead-end side streets.
Eventually we ended up at Simcoe & Rossland. (We started at Dean & Wilson lol). Nick had taken a cab from work (he works out in Whitby) and had gotten there before us. Hahah.
I checked into the hospital about 12:30-1:00am. When they were hooking me up to the heartbeat monitors, I passed on the message from my doctor that Isaac was not staying head down. The nurse did an ultrasound (and the docor double checked) and they decided that he was foot first, so they scheduled me for an emergency C-section.
I had to wait for someone else's C-section to be done first, and then someone else had to go before me because she was farther along than I was. By about 4:00am I was wheeled down to the operating room. It looked exactly like in the movies. It was kinda creepy. (And a little scary) I had to lay there all alone while I got my epidural and everything was set up. Nick eventually was brought in and they went to work. I couldn't see what was going on, but it felt pretty unpleasant.
At 4:24 Isaac was born! I was shown him (very briefly) and he was taken out of view and apparantly shipped upstairs. Shortly after Nick saw a bucket or something that was being used to collect blood and turned pale and had to leave the room. So I was left all alone for what felt like a really long time while they continued shifting around my insides. I still have no idea what they were actually doing, but it was VERY unpleasant and I almost passed out.
Afterwards I was brought to the recovery room and lay there for I think atleast an hour. I was extremely dizzy and nauseous, so I tried to just keep my eyes closed. Morphine and I just really don't get along. = Stupid morphine.
And the next thing I remember I was in my room and all the nurses were worrying about how pale and unresponsive I was. (Aparantly they had been trying to wake me up and nothing was happening?) The next few hours are all blurry. I guess Nick went home because next thing I know, he wasn't there. My mommy stayed with me though. =)

The most annoying thing of all was since my legs were bent up against my stomach when they did the epidural, after they went numb and were laid flat my brain was still convinced that my left leg was bent. The entire time I wanted to stretch my leg out but couldn't feel it (or see it). When I did finally see my leg, it was straight, but it still felt bent. It was like this for over an hour! Annoying!


Re: 2nd born, but 1st C-Section!

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