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hospital bag list..

I know it's been asked a jillion times, but with all our new SAL mom's and their advice, I'm looking for an updated one...Has anyone got one they can share? Thanks!

Re: hospital bag list..

  • I'd be interested as well. SAL moms, please share your expertise.
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  • this is what i actually used:

    nursing tanks, nursing bra, pajama pants (ones i didnt mind tossing, tho i didnt need to), slippers, robe, toiletries, clothes to wear home, laptop and charger, camera, cell phone and charger, boppy pillow, my own bed pillow, snacks, outfit for andrew to come home

    i also packed socks (didnt use) and underware - but, i loved the mesh ones from the hospital, especially since i had a c-section - they were huge and didnt bother my incision sight. plus, it didnt matter if they got a little yucky because you just throw them away.

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  • yesterday, someone posted a link to a great list on 3rd tri
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