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Hi there!

I was wondering if anyone has had or is planning a natural home birth with twins? I was planning on having a home birth, but after finding out it was twins my midwife said she wouldn't be able to do a home birth. I'm still very determined to have a natural vaginal birth, but everyone seems to think I'm crazy! What are your ideas? Do you know of any books or websites to read up on?

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Re: Homebirth/Natural Birth With Twins

  • Congrats on your twins!

    I've been doing what I can to have a natural birth with twins, but it's definitely more complicated.  I found midwives who will delivery twins, but it took some hunting.

    There are also some risks involved that would make me more hesitant to have a homebirth than with a singleton.

    Because your ute is so overstretched, there's a much higher risk of postpartum hemorrhage.  You're also at a greater risk of PTL, etc, so I've been seeing a MFM in addition to my MW.  The MW are for me and delivery. The MFM is to make sure my cervix isn't shortening (sign of PTL) and that the babies are growing appropriate (risk of IUGR and twin to twin transfusion if they share a placenta.)

    Mine are both breech currently, so that complicates things more.

  • I really wanted a natural birth with my twins. I did find it difficult to find a lot of good information on natural births with twins. I will say though that I would never consider a home birth with multiples; it's just too high-risk and not worth it. But if you can find an OB who is experienced with twins who will allow as few interventions as possible, that's probably your best-case scenario. I ended up switching practices at 31w because the practice I was with was just too high-intervention, and it took me a while to find a really competent OB in my area who was not so high-intervention. I took in my ideal birth plan figuring I'd need to make a few compromises, and he agreed to almost every part of it.

    I did end up having an induction so it certainly wasn't as natural as I'd originally hoped, but I held off on getting the epidural and asked for intermittent rather than continuous EFM, so I was able to walk around and labor in different positions; I was able to deliver in a regular LDR room instead of the OR (though he had an OR team prepped and ready to go waiting out in the hallway just in case); DH got to cut the cords and we did delayed clamping; I got to hold Baby A on my chest while delivering Baby B, got to nurse right away, all newborn procedures took place in the room with us and they delayed most of those for the first two hours for nursing and bonding, etc.

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  • I just wanted to say congrats on your twins! I hope you get the birth you want :o) and good luck.
  • It is definitely possible to have twins naturally at home. There is a great website I found a few weeks ago that is awesome and you should definitely go look at the homebirth videos I found about twins and yes even triplets :) Good luck and congrats on your amazing little blessings! Hope this helps!


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  • You may also want to look into your state laws - here in NJ it is illegal to have twins at home - no midwife would attend you and risk losing her license. There are a few OBs that will allow you to attempt a vaginal delivery, though.
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  • imagejteneback:
    You may also want to look into your state laws - here in NJ it is illegal to have twins at home - no midwife would attend you and risk losing her license. There are a few OBs that will allow you to attempt a vaginal delivery, though.

    I think it is important to make the distinction that homebirth is not illegal anywhere in the US. It is the attendance of a midwife which legally varies from state to state.   

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  • I would totally try a NB with twins, but I wouldn't be comfortable with a homebirth (and I have already had one)

    Find an OB/MW practice that will allow you to do vaginal twins (even if Twin B is breech) and talk to them and make sure they really will do it.

    I think otherwise prepare as you normally would. 

    GL! Keep us updated.

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  • Ask!!!  The HB midwife i interviewed happens to be the specialist on multiples and breech births in my region.  So when we thought i might be having twins (which im not!)  I told DH that that would be the deciding factor for HB because i do NOT want to risk an un-absolutely-necessary c-section!  Are there risks?  of course!  but that is what the midwife is trained for!   GL and i hope you can find a midwife as wonderful as the one i found!
  • On our hospital tour there was a couple that was having twins but doing it naturally.  Their OB wouldn't let them deliver at home (which they'd done with their first child), but would let them deliver naturally in the hospital.  He would even let the midwife deliver with his supervision in case any interventions were needed.  Do what you feel is best for you, but just ask midwives.  Some of them may not be too comfortable with twins in a home birth situation because of the complications that can arise.

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  • I'm al for a natural vaginal birth, but not at home. Have you considered a birthing center? One near a hospital? I worked on the maternity floor of a city hospital and there was a birthing center right next door. Even then I'm not sure I would want to take that risk. I think a hospital is the safest bet for your babies, and that is the priority.
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  • First of all, Congratulations!  I agree with Macchiato.  Twin pregnancies are high-risk and I wouldn't consider a home birth.  Too much can go wrong.  Plus, unfortunately it isn't too uncommon for twins to come early.  It is best to be at a hospital with a NICU. 

     A vaginal birth should definitely be possible.  I wanted to have a vaginal birth, but my baby A was breech, so I ended up with a c-section.   Best of luck to you!

  • Thank you for the link! My cousin told me about this site a few days ago and it's encouraging to read.

    Thank you all for your encouragement and advice. I have found a midwife who has been around for almost 20 years and has delivered plenty of twins at home, at the birth center and has been at many hospital births as well. I also have 2-3 other Doula's/Midwives who would be willing to attend my birth. The hard part is finding ann OB who is willing to even try to deliver the twins naturally. One of the gals I found only wants to schedule a C-section! I just wonder how in the world women delivered twins hundreds of years ago!?

    I'm just very thankful I found a midwife who is encouraging no matter what route we end up taking, and is very experienced as well. My DH is amazing as well. He's been listening to all of my craziness and is getting a education in natural birth along the way. We've been told Homebirth in a Hospital is a good book to read... Have any of you read it?

    I'll keep you all posted! Hopefully in 18-19 weeks I'll post an awesome birth story:) 

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  • I found out about our twins at my 20-week ultrasound, and was very disappointed to have to give up on my homebirth plans. There are midwives in my area who would attend one, but they just didn't seem as qualified to me, and they were not recommended by the midwives I know and trust. I did find a great midwife who delivers in a hospital, but the hospital is too far from home and now I'm considered too high-risk for a midwife birth.

    I would recommend you start doing a lot of research on multiples and continue researching local providers. Your local moms of multiples club might be a good resource. It's good to know of a supportive and experienced OB in case you end up in pre-term labor or need other support that your midwife can't provide. I see a perinatologist and he has been wonderful and thorough -- we know a lot about the health and growth patterns of our twins now, which could help me prove to my OB that a natural birth is reasonable (if baby A will turn head-down, at least).

    I hope everything goes smoothly for you and the twins! It can be really tough to go from a supportive caregiver and "normal" pregnancy to one with a lot more potential complications and negativity about your birth options. But take it one step at a time, and as your due date gets closer, you'll know more about what's smart and reasonable to do for your babies specifically.

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