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I know it's not until March, but I'm not sure if it's safe to go. I mean, I know they're loud and drunk people like to stumble every where and knock you around...but do you think it would be too loud for baby's sensitive little ears? I know sound has to travel through all the liquid in there...but I can usually feel the vibration of the sounds, and that's what has me worried. Do you think this is completely logical? Or just ridiculous? I was only planning on going to Selene and DH goes to one in Mandeville every year - I think it's Orpheus...but I could be wrong.

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  • Yes it would be. I wouldn't bring a baby out there, but alot of parents do. It depends on if you think it's safe, and the baby wouldn't be comfortable.

     If you do, just keep the baby safe and close to you. Also Please, please keep it wrapped up and warm, depending on the weather..


    p.s. how did you get the ticker to work, because I can't

    thanks Michelle, Houma,La.

  • Baby will definitely be close - I'll be 7 months pregnant. I'm just not sure if it's safe to go while you're pregnant because the only thing blocking the baby's ears is the amniotic fluid it's swimming in.

     And the ticker is easy. You go to and make the ticker that applies to you, copy the code, come back to this site and click "my bump". From there, you'll probably have to log in, and then click on "Edit my Avatar" at the top left corner. You can past the copied code into one of those sections.

  • I'd be less concerned about the noise and way more concerned about the drunkards.  Mandeville is much more family friendly as are most of the parades that run down St Charles through the Garden District.  Stay away from Bourbon/the French Quarter and you'll be fine.
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  • Holy eff, are you kidding me?! I'd be more worried about being pelted in the stomach with beads than the noise. Lord help us.
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  • I went to Selene last year at 7 mo pg. Slidell parades are pretty laid back. 
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  • I'd be more worried about the drunk people than the noise.
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  • I'm bringing my baby, he'll be almost 8 months. I have no concerns other than the ones that I normally have in large groups.
  • Thanks guys! I feel a lot better about going to (at least) Selene - I really wanted to go since my mom's riding in it.

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