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I'm on bed rest

My OHSS is not treating me so nicely. When I'm on my feet or walking, I get short of breath. All of the fluid is pushing on my diaphram. Yesterday while teaching, I couldn't catch my breath and they sent me to the ER. No fluid in my lungs so they don't have to tap me, but I'm on modified bed rest (no work and staying off my feet as much as possible). So this board better pick up because I am bored!

Oh and I had beta #2 today. Should know the results in a couple hours. I hope it doubled!!!!

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Re: I'm on bed rest

  • Oh, no!  How long will you be on bedrest?  I hope you feel better soon!  I can't wait to hear your numbers later today!
  • Oh no! I hope you get better soon.
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  • Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. ::Vibes:: for awesome betas.

    When will they do your first u/s? I'm dying to know if there's more than one little bambino in there!

  • Aw, that sucks!  If you get really bored you could always venture back over to ND on TN or venture to other boards and then realize the reason you don't venture to other boards often and come back here and tell us about it.  I always love seeing what drama is floating around some of these boards!

    I hope the bed rest doesn't last too long!  I know you said OHSS gets worse if you're pregnant but does it get better as your pregnancy goes along or does it continue to get worse?

  • Oh no!  Hopefully it gets better soon
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