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Nursing Bra/Tanks..Help!

Hey ya'll...

What did you pack to go to the hospital with you in regards to a nursing bra or tank. What do I need? Where did you get whatever it is that is your fave?

Sadly.. I am still wearing the same old B cup bras that I wore pre-pregnancy. Will the girls ever grow?

Re: Nursing Bra/Tanks..Help!

  • :: Hanging head low:: Wal-Mart

    I got but I think I was able to choose black and white instead of grey... Maybe they don't have them anymore. They are nice and long for when you are waiting for your belly to shrink back down. (I'm still waiting)

    nm I found it...
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  • Girl are you going to bf?!? how will you do that?

    More power to you :-) Don't have an answer to the ? sorry!
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  • LOL MayDay..

    I am going to try.... and supplement with formula of course. But.. I would really love to try to get them some breast milk a couple times a day.
  • The Gillian & O'Malley tanks from Target.  Your girls will grow when your milk comes in, but that won't happen while you're still in the hospital.  Just don't overbuy.  I actually lost so much weight in my torso that my bras and tanks are too loose in the back though I had given myself room to grow in the cups.  Thankfully these tanks (and their bras, too) are cheap enough that it's no big deal.  Unfortunately, they don't make my actual PP size.  Boo!!!
  • I just bought one tank and one bra (tonight, in fact) to take with me to the hospital.  I don't want to buy more than that yet, in case my size changes.  Target didn't have anything in my size, but Motherhood had a great selection of nursing bras, and at reasonable prices, too.  I've hear that underwire is uncomfortable when nursing (?), but Motherhood had some with soft underwire (I need something for support). 
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  • I also really like the Target nursing tanks.

    You're a trooper. :)
  • I brought a nursing tank and from mimi maternity what they call a wrap nursing bra (looks a bit like a sports bra).  I wasn't sure what size I was going to be once my milk came in, so I opted for things that came in s, m, l sizes versus number/letter. 

    You'll want to wear comfy sweat type pants, etc and tanks go great with lounge wear.

    It's nice to have your flabby belly all covered up.  Especially as you're trying to get the hang of nursing.

    You'll need bras for sure but I wouldn't take them to the hospital.

    My rec is Target for nursing tanks.  Go cheap. 
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