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Hey! I don't know if I missed a previous post but I was wondering if they decided to put you on bedrest in the hospital. Wasn't that suppose to happen today? Am I thinking of someone else?  It is late and I am tired, I hope not crazy too! :)

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  • hey there!

    Yeah.. they did decide to put me on full bedrest as of Sunday when I was in L&D. Although.. I can't say that in the last two days since, my bedrest has been any different than it was before. I told my OB yesterday, dude... it just ain't possible with the way my house is set up. We have an old old house and the bathroom and my bedroom are upstairs, the kitchen/food is down stairs. Plus someone's gotta let the dogs out.

    So I told him, you want me on FULL bed rest, you're going to have to hospitalize me. He thinks I can make 32 at home no problem. My cervix is still rock solid and the babies are doing great. Although.. the one closest to my cervix is head down now and the other nearest is pretty darn close. So he thinks things are going to start to happen here in the next week or so.


    Any news on your side?
  • You are going to be a mama in a few weeks!!!! So, are you in the hosptial now or still home? I am doing good. Still in the hospital. I only get up for a quick shower and to use the restroom. My dr. really wants me to get to 32 and then they will re-evaluate and maybe send me home. He said 34 weeks would just be icing on the cake, so I fully intend to make it to 34! :)  I have one baby who is head down (and she is the one closest to the cervix) but she has been headdown for a long time. The others are still breech. It was harder to stay in bed when I was on bedrest at home. Here, there is nothing else to do, so why bother getting up? That's great that your cervix hasn't changed. They haven't checked mine since the second or third day I got here b/c he doesn't want to "stir things up". So, fine with me. :)    Good luck to you!! Keep me posted!!
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