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Baby Shower Centerpieces

Hey ladies, I have no clue what to have as centerpieces at my shower.  My shower is not until November but we/they are planning it now and keep asking me what I want.  Does anyone have any pictures of what they are using or know of any good websites to get ideas from? 

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Re: Baby Shower Centerpieces

  • my mom and mil decided just to use mums for centerpieces and give them away to the guests.  Its simple and easy and they come in lots of colors.
  • My Mom made little mini diaper cakes that were super cute.  PIB
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  • My mother made pinwheels and put them in colorful pails.  It was really cute.
  • I am using Stage 3 Gerber baby food jars as sort of a bud vase for some daisies for my sister's shower. Since they are small, I may use a few on each table.
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  • We are making cookies on a stick and putting them in a pot as centerpieces. The good thing about it is that they will also turn ito favors and everyone can take one home with them.
  • I just bought round vases from ACmoore and I'm putting 3 bunches of blue hydrangas in them (shes having a boy!) and around it on the table i have a few rubber ducks that I thought they were cute...HTH

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  • You could do a really cute diaper cake,  I found some really cute ones here

  • You could use a really cute diaper cake,  I found these
  • The room was a little tight because of Hannah (it was supposed to be outside, but had to be moved inside). So my mom put really nice galvanized tins with drinks in them on each table (personalized water bottles, sodas, Gatorade, etc).  People didn't have to get up to get drinks, it was pretty nice!

    She had originally picked up bud vases from AC Moore and two really cool pink flowers for each vase from Blue Tulip.  Then she bought a square vase to put the pink flowers into after the shower-for the baby's room.  :-)  The details for my shower were incredible, she thought out everything!
  • I make baby blooming bouquets- basically rolled baby clothes which look like a real flower arrangements.  It is rather easy to do and the mom gets baby basics:  socks, hats, sleepers, onesies, etc.  It is a great alternative to diaper cakes since many times different moms prefer particular diaper brands. 
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