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Couple's Shower?

Hey Ladies! :)

I'm very new to the nest, and haven't been on this board yet, but I thought this would obviously be the best place to come to ask about a Couple's Shower. Has anyone done this? Any opinions or advice would be so super helpful. Thanks :)

Re: Couple's Shower?

  • we are having one on sept will be a saturday from 4 pm- until everyone leaves.  we are doing catered food, with alcohol...there will be football on the tv and NO baby games!

  • sounds RIGHT up our alley. thanks so much :)
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  • I had one 8 years ago it was just like a regular party except we opened giifts during the eating period. I wentto one recently with DH and it was alot of fun. They had all the regular baby shower stuff but they also had a dj, great food and drinks. You could do games that would include both men and woman. The couple also gave prizes during the games that were differnt. I won a bottle of Alize.
  • i just wanted to let you know that our couples shower was a blast.  we had about 40 people come on saturday and we had the phillies game on...we invited the children too. some friends chose to leave them home though.
    people stayed from 4 pm- until around 8 pm- drank tons of beer and mingled.
    we didnt even open presents- since everyone was more into the baseball game by the end!!

    anyway have fun with yours- i think it is a great alternative to the traditional women's baby shower!

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