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My sister-in-law is pregnant with her second baby. I started dating her brother (my husband now) when her first child was a couple of months old so I wasn't around for the first shower. I know she had a pretty big shower the first time & I've heard people don't really have showers for the 2nd baby. I would like to do something for her, any suggestions?

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  • So...I guess I was a little too quick to post. I was reading through some old post and saw your answers on 2nd baby showers. Ooops! Sorry about that!
  • Get a small group together for a no-gifts tea/coffee.
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  • the second time around, people can always use diapers & wipes.

    you could do some type of a get together that doesn't require gifts or something.
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  • Roxy- When you have one of these no-gift teas, do you tell people no gifts? That seems really tacky. Is there a special name for these type of events?
  • Here is my opinion.  Having been to several large showers for 2nd kids, and just finding out I am pg #2, I am in favor or showers.  Not because I want stuff!  But because this baby is just as important as the first and should be celebrated. 

    I honestly think that there is no difference between the 1st and 2nd or 3rd (etc) baby.  IMO showers are and always have been celebrations of the babies and not of the parents.  That's why we don't give adult gifts at showers, but baby gifts.

    I know not everyone agrees, but that is how I feel and have felt for a long time.
  • Forgot to add, that I'm also in favor of registering for 2nd kids.  My SIL did because she wanted everyone to know what she did and did not have.  She had given a lot of her stuff to friends and family members.  There was a lot of stuff that she needed for her DD.

    I'm not sure if I'll register, because I'm not sure that there will be a need (if there will be a shower).  But I'm actually in need of everything because we gave all of DD's stuff to a friend who had her 3rd girl.  She was a surprise so they hadn't kept the baby stuff after DD #2.
  • I absolutely agree with Anakin.  Just because it is her second child doesn't mean that child isn't as special or important.  Not everyone gets all the stuff the first time around they need, and quite honestly, I am a lot more prepared this time around for registering what I need than I was the first time.  My husband is not the biological father of my first daughter (he is her adoptive daddy though) so his family wasn't involved in my shower for her (except his mom) since we were just newly dating at the ime.  So this time it is going to involve his family.  At first my friend wanted to give me a shower, and I wasn't too big on the idea, but now I am super excited because like I said, every child is a gift and should be celebrated just as much as the first.  I would say go for it, and you are a wonderful SIL for being so thoughtful.  :D
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