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Different Type of Baby Shower

Hi Girls :) I am planning a different type of baby shower for my friend. She has requested that a group of friends get together and make dinners, etc for after the baby is born....but do it beforehand and freeze them. I think this is a great b/c its different and two this is her second baby so they already have a lot of stuff.

With that being said...any ideas for this type of shower? Should there be favors? Decorations? Anything unique I could do for her?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Re: Different Type of Baby Shower

  • I think this is a great idea!  I don't know if favors are necessary, but maybe you can ask everyone to email you their recipes beforehand and you can print and bind them for everyone to take home.  Some simple, traditional baby shower decorations might be ok, but if you're all going to be in the kitchen, how much will you really notice/enjoy them? 

    Have a great time!
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  • Everyone can bring diapers. That's one thing she'll definitely need :)  and baby food.


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  • Just thinking about a favor... what about a little whisk or something with a tag.

    "Mixing up some love"
    "Nothin says lovin' like somethin' from the oven"
    "A recipe for a great family"

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