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How many months were you when you had your baby shower?

Trying to figure out when to throw a baby shower for SIL, I was thinking a month before she's due and I've heard mix reactions to this. Do you think this is to late?

Re: How many months were you when you had your baby shower?

  • Even though first babies often come a little late, I think 4 weeks before delivery is awfuly chancey.  I'd do at least 6 weeks before her due date and possibly 8.  That will give her more time to figure out what she still needs to get and to finish getting the nursery set up.
  • My host didn't want to deal with the holiday, so I'm having mine at 28 weeks. I'm very happy with this arrangement. I'd much rather have mine on the early side rather than on the late side. It allows me to wait until after my shower to go shopping and get whatever I have not received. I also have plenty of time for returns. I'm also going to much more social at 28 weeks that I will at 36 weeks (when I'm HUGE).
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  • Mine is 10/18 and I am due 11/23. I wish it was a bit earlier, but we had to deal with my sister's schedules and the dates available at the hall. I think 1-2 months before is standard.
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  • I am having mine in Nov and I am due in Feb but only because of the holidays and everyone's busy schedule.

    My cousin had her's this month and she's due at the end of next month.

    I think the best time is at least 2 months before the due date but no earlier than the 5th month (it's funner when your showing).

    Good luck.
  • I'm due 12/08, and my shower is 10/25.  I wanted it to be about 3 months before my due date so I'd have time afterwards to set up the baby's room and go shopping for what I didn't get at the shower.  I ended up having to go with about 6 weeks before my due date because my MIL pulled out of planning the shower when I was about 6 months along, and nobody volunteered until I was almost 7 mos.
  • I will be 7 months.
  • I think 6 weeks before the due date is good.  That way, there is still time to get everything set up just incase the baby comes early.
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  • I had mine Saturday and I'm 6 months. It was wonderful. I was not big and miserable at the shower and now I don't have to be bothered around the holidays. I can just sit and be pregnant and wait till my due date. My advice is to go for what YOU want, in the end you will be happy.
  • Depends if you are superstitious. I wanted mine as late as possible. I don't want to have much stuff in the house, until the very end, just in case.

    That said, due to when my hostesses could throw it and the holidays, my shower is going to be held 11/9 and I will likely be having the baby around 12/21- about six weeks.

  • I think 6-8 weeks ahead is a good time.
  • i had my shower at 35 weeks. It worked out well.
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  • I had mine 2 weeks before my due date.  Yeah.  I was large and swollen.  And exhausted at the end!



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