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circumcision debate??

I was lurking on the 3rd tri board and there was poll asking if you would have your baby circumcised. The poster implied this was a huge debate, but I'm not really sure I understand why someone wouldn't do this, or why it's a debate really?  I'm not saying it's wrong not to, I guess I just don't really know all that much about it. 

Anyone want to enlighten me? I feel like this might be a dumb question, but oh well.  Live and learn.

Re: circumcision debate??

  • Because some people consider it mutilation, or that it's inflecting something cosmetic, non-medical and irreversible upon a child who can't give their consent.
  • Exactly was Kat said.

    I will not circumcise my child if we have a boy.  There are many advantages to not being circumcised and the whole cleanliness/infection risk is not what it once was.
    Finley Anne ~ 11.9.2008
    So Tasty, So Yummy
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  • And I think the reason it gets turned into a debate is because it's a personal choice, there's no right or wrong answer and that makes it easier I think for others to argue when it's not black and white.
  • it's funny b/c i didn't care either way. DH is the one with the penis, so i let him decide. i figure he has more personal experience. we did circ but i would have been ok not to as well.

    like pp said, there are reasons to do it (some are religious, others cultural, others sheer vanity) and reasons to not do it (risk of infection,e tc). this is, again, a personal choice and people just liketo argue -esp on the national nest boards!

  • ditto Rayskit. Since I do not have a penis I did not feel I was qualified and deferred the decision to DH.
  • Thanks ladies! I'll read those articles, thanks for posting them!  I pretty much left this up to dh and he said definitely.  I never knew it was a debate till I saw it on the 3rd tri board and I certainly wasn't going to ask there. lol!

  • ditto rayskit.
    We did circ Kohen and I have no regrets.  DH wouldn't have had it any other way.  Now when it comes to Kamryn's vagina, what I say goes ;)
  • I left it up to DH as well....what the heck do I know about penises anyway?! He was 100% for circumcision....oh and because it was HIS decision, he had to clean it everyday while it healed.
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  • But if all your DHs know is a circumcision, then how is their decision any more educated than yours?

    Having been with both, uncircumcised is the way to go...lol
    Finley Anne ~ 11.9.2008
    So Tasty, So Yummy
  • I see PAGAS's point (re if they are one do they really know the other?).

    But I disagree...circ is so much better.
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  • I am flashing back to a very naughty conversation between IMFun and I at opallover's house...teehee....
    Finley Anne ~ 11.9.2008
    So Tasty, So Yummy
  • I've never heard of an adult male who said they wished they weren't circ'd but I have heard of adult males who had to be circ'd later in life who really wished it had been done as a baby.
  • I've heard adult males say they wish they weren't. Just for the counter point.

    We decided not to. Though potentially painful, our son can decide differently later if he feels we made the wrong choice -- we really preserved the choice for him.

    Did research and the health issues do not seem to be a realistic concern. I plan to teach condoms as a means for combating HIV infection -- cuz that works better than anything a study suggests about circumcision as an HIV prevention.
  • I let DH make the decision also.  I have no idea what it's like to have a penis... Dh wanted it done, so we did it. 
  • pagas- i get your poin about if the guys are circ and that's what they know, but i know in my case ray read all the arguments for and against just as i did. while they only have one personal experience, i still say having one trumps... playing with one.

    (having... ahem... known both, my personal preference us cric.)

  • I never really "noticed" a difference. If it's a boy we won't do it, mainly because my husband isn't and also I can't stand the thought of my baby getting a shot, let alone *that* done. But I don't think it really matters either way. Do what you guys want. If he changes his mind when he's older then we'll handle that then. I have a friend who left it up to her uncirc husband and he said not to do it because he didn't want his son going through any pain that early in life. Not my opinion, but just another one:)
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