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cloth diapers.. pros and cons.. anyone?

I really want to help in reducing my "carbon foot print" however I have the slightest idea on how cloth diapers work!

Where do you store them when you are out and about to keep them from smelling and how do you put them on? Are they like washable cloth pull ups?

Do they leak? I assume they are more comfortable.. what do you ladies have to say?

Patricia Rehal

Re: cloth diapers.. pros and cons.. anyone?

  • I don't have any hands on experience yet - but we are planning on CDing so here's what I know so far to answer your questions ...

    Storing them when you're out ... there are these things called wet bags (basically just waterproof bags that are washable) that you put the dirty diaper in, and when you get home, put the diaper into the wash, throw the bag in after it, and it's done.

    There are several ways to put them on - it all depends on the type of diaper you are using.  But they make some diapers now (called all-in-ones or AIOs) that look and act just like sposies.  An AIO goes on just like a sposie, and it's one piece, so when the baby dirties it, you put it in your diaper pail and wash it when you have a load.

    As far as leaking, there are a ton of different dipes out there and some will fit your baby better than others ( just like sposies.)  So if you have a leak, you might need a different brand or a smaller or larger size.  It can be trial and error to find the right fit for your baby - but there are some brands that work for almost any baby, so don't let that scare you off.
  • I personally don't, but have considered.

    A girl on the Austin board just 2 *very* long and thorough posts on the subject.  Recommend you check it out:  https://babyrabies.com/

    Oh, and everyone who cloth diapers says they've never had a blowout.  never!  sounds like heaven to me!
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  • most day cares require disposables

    if you are not planning on being a SAHM, check with your daycare provider
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  • i did cloth diapers for the 1st 6 mos. my son had some skin issues that caused us to change, but i will definitely do them again when we have another baby.

    i will save you a lot of opinion here and just answer your questions ;-)

    outside of the house, i used Seventh Generation chlorine free disposables (which is what i use full time now). i was definitely not in to carrying a dirty diaper around, but i know a lot of people who do and they all have their different methods.

    there are several kinds of diapering "systems." kellymom.com is a good resource, but i found diaperpin.com to have the most nformation for a true beginner.

    i never had leak or blowout issues with cloth.

    good luck =)

  • I was not able to do all the research and get this going before Lucas was here.

    However, I did learn that the Young and the Restless resale shop is a good place for learning more. They have an area dedicated to reselling and learning about cloth diapers, diaper covers, etc. Might be worth a visit.
  • Ditto to Young & Restless
    Also, try the Eco-board on the nest, as well as:

  • I cloth diaper DD and have been since she was about 3 months. I use BumGenius which are really easy and I haven't had a blow out yet. I did have leaking issues at first and that was b/c she was a little too small. Her thighs are small so they didn't fit her snuggly. However, she grew into them.

    Do note though that if you have a diaper rash, using cream is not recommended with cloth diapers. I will then use 7th Generation disposables if that happens but it rarely does.

    One more thing too be sure to check out a good detergent to use with cloth diapers as some will leave a residue and build up which can cause leaking issues.

    The eco-friendly board on the nest is very informative about cloth diapers too.

  • I've used cloth on DD since she was 3wks old. I've never bought a disposable diaper since the newborn size.

    I don't think they smell as much as disposables, which sounds weird, but I haven't had smell issues.

    The AIOs that Kat mentioned are the easiest to use and good for babysitters. Pocket diapers are just as easy once you've stuffed the insert into them.  They fasten with velcro so they go on like a regular disposable, not like a pullup.

    I'm sending DD to her 2nd mother's day out program and neither has done cloth in the past but both our old school and the new school agreed to use them once they saw them. There are no state daycare regulations against them (which is what a lot of places try to tell you).

    We've had less than a dozen leaks in cloth diapers - several of those from the diaper not being on tight enough when grandma did the diapering, the rest at night before we figured out what works for us. But we've never had a blowout.
    - Jena
  • I'm new on here but I thought I would chime in. We were going to do the cloth diapers but found the G Diapers instead. They are more expensive, but the people at Young and Restless said you can put a pre-fold cloth insert in them. We registered for the G Diaper flushable inserts at BRU and bought some used covers on craigslist at Young and Restless. We do have some regular disposable ones for the first month as they say the G's don't fit as well on tiny newborns.

    You could use the cloth inserts at home and save the expensive flushable ones for when you go out!

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