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Age Differences?

If you have two (or more) how far apart in age are they? Pros and Cons of that difference?

DH and I had a convo about moving up when we might TTC#2, and I was thinking today about things we would need for two then (crib, stroller, etc.)

Re: Age Differences?

  • That conversation hasn't come up.  But I just have to say, how gosh darn adorable your daughter is!!!  She has gotten so big!!
    image Oh Joy to the World!!
  • Mine are almost 19 months apart.  I have no cons other than 2 in diapers.  I love it!

    Kohen was moved to a twin daybed at 18 months with no issues so you don't have to have 2 cribs.  We still only have 1 stroller.  DH usually wears Kamryn in the Bjorn and Kohen is in the umbrella stroller.  It just works and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Good luck on your decision. 

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  • Ours are 21 months apart.  After an intense and rough first six months it's gotten a lot easier.  The girls are really starting to interact with one another and I can tell they'll be great friends. 

    Like PP said, two in diapers is a challenge.  But like everything else in parenting, you just learn to deal.

    We have two cribs but our second one was a free hand-me-down.  Sarah's crib was recently converted to a toddler bed.

    If you stay at home and will be taking care of a young toddler and a baby on your own all day, you'll need at least some sort of Sit 'n Stand stroller.  For the first four months I tried to do without one and it was hard.  Another mom I know had a great-looking Joovy caboose so I bought one too and have been much happier ever since.

    My experience breastfeeding the second wasn't that positive, and this may have its root in how close together in age they were.  I ended up pumping because my older daughter literally hated it when I'd nurse and would crawl all over me to prevent it.  So frustrating.  She never minded me pumping though so I did that instead.

    I'm a SAHM and my husband works very long hours with some overnight travel mixed in.  Also, I didn't do formula until our younger daughter was six months old.  Those are the things most impacting my opinions about the pros and cons of life with 2 under 2. 

    For me, the first few months were extremely challenging and the hardest thing I've done in my life.  I chalk it up to being the primary caregiver and pumping.  I exclusively pumped for six months - yes, complete insanity!  If you're a breastfeeding pro and have no trouble in that area and/or you're doing formula, then this obviously won't be a big issue for you.  If your husband works normal hours and can help you in the evenings, you'll be much better off than I was with 2 under 2.

    Sorry for the long post - I shared more of my experience than you were probably interested in reading!


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