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Amelia's 9 month stats

We had Amelia's 9 month appointment this morning and she's still a skinny little stinker like we thought. 

27-3/4" (50%)
17lbs 9oz (25%)
17-3/4" noggin (75%)

No shots today, but they did test her for anemia and a few other things.  She's just perfect apparently.  She didn't care for the band aid/gauze at all and chewed 3 of them off before I gave up and just let her bleed. 

I hope all of you and your little ones are well!

Re: Amelia's 9 month stats

  • Hello :) Mine just turned 9 month on 9/12, we're in Katy so we missed the storm by a LOT compared to most.

    Cool to see I'm not alone in teh skinny category!

    My son was: 17lb 1oz, and 29 inches tall, holy cow! His % were 6% weight, 77% height, odd! Head has alwasy been in the 20's % but they aren't worried :)

    Also, mine is on vitamins he was bordeline on the anemia test and we got 1 of the 2 flu shots so we're prepared. YES...chewing the bandaid off, that was his first response too, and then later the one on his leg I find in his pnp eww!!

  • Yay for a good appointment! Rena is 5 months old and weighs 17 lbs!! Amelia is tiny...or else Rena is just huge. :)
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  • Luca is heavier than Amelia....  I can hardly pick him up anymore...  I have a feeling that we are in for it on our appt on Wed...  Good tip about the band aid...  I would hate for him to choke on it...
  • DS' pedi is still closed due to lack of electricity.  I fear that his 9 month appt won't happen until he is about 10 months old :(
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  • We have small girls. Rachel is 17 lbs and 14 oz and 28 inches long (her 9 months stats). She's always been skinny and long. Oh and the band aids are always fun to play with (not exactly what I think but Rachel does).
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