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POLL Halloween costumes

What is your DC going to be for Halloween? 

We haven't decided yet but I'm leaning toward a bumble bee.
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Re: POLL Halloween costumes

  • We have a couple of costumes from my niece and nephew.  So, he could be a piece of candy corn (kind of girly though) or a puppy dog.  And my MIL has offered to make or buy him any other costume.  I am considering a spider or just going with the puppy dog.
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  • Sarah will be a witch and Elizabeth a scarecrow.  The costumes just get cuter and cuter every year.....amazing what's available for children these days.  It's hard to choose just one costume!


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  • Luca is going to be a frog :)
  • Gabriel is going to be a skeleton and Joshua a golfer.
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  • Rachel is going to be a fairy. I'm going to try to make a purple tutu and wings. We will see how it goes...never made one before.
  • Addison wants to be everything... we took her to the costume store and she picked out 5 costumes! But I think she will end up being Elmo since that is what she comes back to every time in the end.
  • I think Addie will be going as tinkerbell if I can make it fit. We had to get something early because we'll pretty much be out of town until halloween, so I grabbed something on ebay. but i still keep checking the consignment stores for something that will fit better.
    it's tough because she won't wear something on her head, no full body stuff (too hot) and she hates most tutus touching her skin. so yeah it's a pain.
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  • We've borrowed a Thumper costume that might be a tad big.  I guess I should try it on to see if it will fit or not.
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  • DS is going to be a dragon.  We just got it at Marshall's.  He is so cute, it has a long tail that drags behind him when he walks!
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  • She wants to be a kitty. 
  • Sarah is going to be a kitty, Jacob is going to be a puppy, and Buster is going as a human =)
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