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Classes at Women's Hospital?

Did anyone go to the birthing or other classes at Women's hospital? Are they worth it? Do I even need to do the hospital tour? Thanks!
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Re: Classes at Women's Hospital?

  • we took the fast track birthing class (all in 1 day) and I thought it was worth it.  It includes a tour of the hospital and I'd definitely recommend that.  When the big day came, I felt better knowing where we were supposed to go.

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  • We took Bradley classes elsewhere but did the hospital tour - would definitely recommend at least doing the tour if you don't do the classes at the hospital.

    We took the infant cpr class there and thought it was good.  I did the breastfeeding class at the Motherhood Center and thought it was fine - but it sounds like the one at the hospital allows for more time for how much information there is to cover.  If you plan to nurse, I would definitely take a breastfeeding class somewhere.

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  • Ditto with MissJake.
  • Ok, do spouses go to the breastfeeding class too? My husband works weekends, which most of the classes are on, so he'd have to take off to go with me. I can see him going to the birthing class if you guys think it's worth going to, but how about the breastfeeding one? It's definitely something I'm interested in doing and probably could use the class, but him?
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  • We took all the classes offered at Women's. Although, it's not absolutely necessary for your husband to go to the BF'ing class, I'd highly recommend it. You'll need his support, and it's really important for him to understand that breasfeeding is not an easy thing form most (at least in beginning).

  • i took BFing and loved it. i did take the hospital tour and was glad i did. i felt much calmer knowing exactly what to expect when i went in to labor.
  • oh, i also took birthing. loved it as well.

    DH accompanied me to both classes. maybe it's because they don't read as much generally, but in both classes the men had a LOT of questions. DH was very glad that he went.

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