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Please recommend your stroller

I'm starting to look at strollers now, and there's SO many to choose from, it's hard to narrow it down! If you LOVE your stroller, please tell me... what kind is it and why do you love it? Or if you don't, what don't you like about it? I'm not really a runner, but I was thinking of getting a jogging stroller to take baby on long walks/jogs (and hopefully lose some baby weight) and then a smaller, lightweight one that's easy to fold and maneuver to keep in the car. Is there one that would work for both, or do I need 2 separate strollers? Oh, and is it worth it to buy something like a frame stroller to snap the carseat into? I'm not sure how long or how much I would use it. Thanks!
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Re: Please recommend your stroller

  • I used this carseat carrier exclusively for the first six months with my first baby and loved it. 


    At $60 it's one of the cheaper ones out there.  It's held up great and I still use it occasionally if I'm out and about with just my younger child.  The basket underneath is huge and can hold tons of stuff.

    A carseat carrier stroller is all you'll really need until your baby is sitting up well.  The great thing about them is their size and weight and how easily they collapse.  A full-size stroller will be much bulkier. 

    If you decide to use a carseat carrier in lieu of a regular stroller, be sure your carseat comes equipped with some kind of canopy, to keep the sun off your baby's face while you're strolling outdoors.


  • we have 2..  We have the Chicco Trevi.  They Chicco car seat snaps into it, but it is NOT the travel system.  It's about 5 lbs lighter and folds like an umbrella stroller (long and narrow)..  It's a nice stroller and great for the infant carrier, but I'm in love with our BOB Revolution now that he is bigger.  It's so easy to push, turns on a dime, and has a great shade.  The only down side of the BOB is that it's heavy and takes up a lot of trunk space.  However, we use it about 80% of the time because it's such a great stroller.  We will buy a double when Luca 2.0 arrives...
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  • We have the Bugaboo which is super lightweight and has the rough-terrain wheels, so it is perfect for long walks, parks, beaches, gravel....anything really. It weighs about 19 lbs (I think) so it is very light. With the Bugaboo, you don't need a snap & go as well....the infant carseat snaps right into the frame of the stroller.

    Here's a hint though. All stroller manuever perfectly and feel lightweight when there is NO baby in it (ie test driving at a store). When you test drive one, try and have a kid with you or grab something in the store that is 30 lbs to move the stroller around with. You also have to consider that babies are wiggly little creatures and the stroller has to be able to withstand the wiggles and movements. Alot of the plastic framed strollers aren't good for that.
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  • we opted for a car seat carrier and have the baby trend. it works with any infant car seat and weighs about 7lbs. a travel system was just too big and bulky. plus, it's really easy to take dd in it, as we just have to pull the carseat out of the car rather than disturb her if she's sleeping, which she ususally is.
    it's about $50-$60.
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  • MGR- thanks for the tip! I wouldn't have thought to do that, though it makes sense. We had one of those cheap-o umbrella strollers for my nephew when we had them here and I H ATED it, it was so hard to turn with him in it. I guess that's why I'm really researching them this time so I get something I really like this time. Hmm.. now I need to go borrow a kid! :)
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  • We have a Valco tri-mode.  Its an all terrain stroller and manuvers wonderfully so we use it the majority of the time.  It also converts to a double which I like for down the road when we have baby #2.  I debated between the Valco and Phil & Teds but got a better deal on the previous years model of the Valco.  I also just bought a quizzy zapp that I like because it folds so compactly without losing manuverability.  Now I keep that one in my car and use it for errands and travel.  Next time around I could see getting a frame stroller.  When I had only one I just carried the carseat everywhere but when I have two to wrangle I could see a light weight snap in stroller being useful. 
  • We used a hand me down car seat carrier for the first few months and definitely recommend using one - light, big basket.  You might be able to find a good deal on craigslist or elsewhere.

    We keep our Maclaren Quest in the car for mall trips, travel, etc - love it... lightweight, steers well, takes up very little room in the trunk, fits through doorways and between racks very easily.

    We use our Bob Revolution for jogging (dh runs marathons), walks around the neighborhood, and have taken it with us to the zoo and big parks.  We love it for different reasons, and the cons are that it is bulkier and heavier... so we rarely take it with us in the car.

  • We got 3 and love them all for different purposes...

    1) We have the Graco Car seat carrier (snap n go). Used this the most thus far (baby is almost 5 months old). Very easy and lightweight. Works well for walks on pavement, don't step foot near Memorial Park with it though...

    2) Maclaren umbrella stroller, great for travel, or places where big baby strollers aren't welcome. Just now starting to use this one.

    3) Bob Revolution - just starting to use this also (can't use it when they are little unless you get the infant adapter, and it's super bulky). We will only use this for running/walking. Love the stroller, but way too bulky for everyday use imo.

  • We also have the Chicco Trevi and love it. 
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  • We like the Microlite Toro we purchased for post-infancy strolling. The nubby tires work well on the broken sidewalks in our neighborhood, while it is still a smaller footprint for shops and aisles. It folds small and is as heavy as our previous stroller frame and car seat -- so I can get it in and out of the trunk.

    It does not have a lot of cargo room which is fine. He needs little now that he is older.

    I loved the frame and car seat combo when he was an infant.
  • i am also a multiple stroller owner.

    when Turtle was new, i had a car seat carrier which was INDISPENSABLE! the last thing you want to do is take a sleeping newbie out of a car seat. to cart the car seat around, i had a maclaren easy traveller. it's not as well known as the snap'n'go but i think it is far superior. it is significantly lighter and folds like an umbrella stroller rather than just in half like the s'n'g. it also has a large cargo area which is nice.

    i have a maclaren quest that i keep in the car. this is the perfect umbrella stroller- it's light and compact, but sturdier than something with a hammock seat. the back reclines which means it's better for a smaller baby who can't sit up as well and also for a time when the baby may fall asleep in the stroller. very, very happy with this.

    when i was doing my research, i did not think i would need any kind of jogging stroller. well, i was soooo wrong. at about 4 mos i invested in a BOB Revolution. i have put many, many miles on this stroller. i walk at least 3 days a week. also, it does fold easily (although it's not light) so if we go somewhere that we will be outside a lot we can take it. we just took it with us to ACL. it's like a baby condo on wheels. i do not know one person who has a BOB that doesn't love it. just make sure whatever jogger you get has a swivel front wheel. you can't maneuver a stationery wheel when walking and it's a real huge pain in the a$$.

  • While I have no practical experience as of yet, the Orbit has been great for pushing the cats around the house and it is super easy to use as far as folding it up and setting it up goes.
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  • We have the Phil & Ted sport and so far, love it!  It was super easy to put together and has been really easy to fold and unfold.  Or at least DH says it is, it's still too heavy for me to lift with my c-section restrictions.

    It's so easy to push and turns on a time.  Marion loves it as well, or at least seems to enjoy our nightly walks.
  • I have multiple strollers as well.  The first stroller we purchased was a travel system.  We used it in the beginning, but soon purchased the Maclaren Quest and the Phil & Ted's.  I wish we would have just purchased a frame stroller instead of the travel system.  We love our Maclaren and Phil & Ted's!
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