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Time to check in ladies! How's the working out going today?

I did 30 minutes on my rower, 5000 m in 25 minutes, then a 5 minute cool down. Woo hoo, goal achieved (for today)

Tomorrow I am either going to do yoga (possibly bikram), or take a rest day.

How has your day gone so far ladies?

Re: Time to check in ladies! How's the working out going today?

  • 35 min on the eliptical!  It was a rushed work out this monring because I had to get to work early...but I've already had 40 oz of water to get started- the goal is 80-100oz a day for me.  My brita filter is getting a work out!
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  • The weather is so bad here in Denmark today (blowing snow) that I plan to go home and pop in one of my Les Mills BodyAttack DVDs and do the low impact options for a workout. 

     Yesterday was my BodyFlow class (Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates) so I feel I need to do a little more cardio.

     I also plan to make homemade veggie soup for dinner....does chopping veggies count as a workout? : )

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  • 30 mins on the elliptical and 2 minutes jumping rope (I'm trying to work up to 5 consecutive minutes to win a bet!)

    I am hoping that tomorrow I will hit the 20 pound lost mark...I am so excited!

  • This is my third time trying to reply. Farking bump errors.

    I tweaked my back yesterday (DD+her car seat is going to be the end of me) so I wasn't able to do much of anything today. Some light stretching and that's about it. 

     Hopefully after tomorrow's trip to the chiropractor, I'll be as good as new. 

     Good work ladies! 

  • That really sucks about your back! I know your pain, I hurt my back about 8 years ago and it's never been the same. I hope it feels better soon!

    I ended up taking a rest day. I woke up this morning and everything was tight and sore (in a good way:), so I thought I shouldn't tempt fate. I'm going to do the video that came with my TRX tomorrow. I'm feeling gigantic lately, so I need to stay consistent. My biggest downfall right now is food. I know how to eat well, but perhaps it's time to meet with a dietitian anyway...  Yikes!
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