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lactation-boosting cookies

Anyone have a good recipe for these? I realized today that my supply has dropped and I could use a boost so thought I would try some of these cookies before I move on to the fenugreek. My best friend swears by them but can't find her recipe.

Thanks ladies!

Re: lactation-boosting cookies

  • try the breast feeding board. they have a weekly check in and post things like that
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  • Easiest way to do lactation cookies is to go with a basic oatmeal cookie and throw in a couple of tablespoons of brewer's yeast and a tablespoon of flax seed meal.  Those three things (including the oatmeal) should have your boobs booming!  And, be advised that you can throw brewer's yeast into just about anything (although it has a bit of a nutty flavor).  I just made lactation magic cookie bar cookies.

    And PS - don't be afraid of fenugreek.  I take it daily without any issues.

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  • oh really?! Thank you Cristina! That's good to know. I noticed some of the recipes I saw online were pretty basic with those added ingredients.

    It's not the idea of Fenugreek, I just HATE taking pills and have the hardest time swallowing them.

  • Well then it's a good thing you can get it in a powder, lady!!!  If you can't at your healthfood store, buy the capsules, break 'em open and drink 'em with water!
  • ahh...good to know! I'm going to bake up some cookies and see if that helps. I think since I got sick and C got sick my supply plummeted. I could barely pump 4 oz at work today! No wonder my chunky monkey is constantly hungry!
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