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This almost ended badly

Briley is in disposable diapers right now because of a yeast rash. The other night during a 3 am diaper change I discovered there were no diapers in the drawer. I went to the closet where we keep them on a high shelf, carrying Briley, of course wearing no pants or diaper. I caused a diaper avalanche, so I just grabbed a couple and planned to pick up the rest later. Of course, since it was 3 am, I forgot about it... Until yesterday. I was doing laundry, and as I tossed clothes in the wash I noticed something that felt different. I then remembered the diaper avalanche. I found 3 diapers in the washing machine among the dirty clothes. I am so glad I discovered them BEFORE I started the wash!

Re: This almost ended badly

  • haha that's kinda funny....Surprise
  • Whoa, that would have been u.g.l.y.  Good thing you caught it! 
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  • Surprise  Dude, that would have been BAD!!! Good thing you realized it!!  (And I hope Briley feels better soon!)
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