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advice please

I have not been able to stay asleep for a few weeks now, I sleep for like 15 minutes and then wake up... I bought unisom but I took it at noon so I could catch up on sleep... Now its 8 pm, and I want to know if its safe to take again tonight, because I really need to sleep, I'm exhausted, yet i cant fall asleep. help!!!!

Re: advice please

  • I am a horrible sleeper as well. What has helped me in the past is not taking any naps, and being active at work, as well as doing some vigorous exercise. 

    I don't know about unisom, have you read the label? When does it say you can take the next dose? I will sometimes take a melatonin  supplement, and I used to take Imovane to help me sleep, but I had to get that from the doc. 

    I hope you'll get some zzzzz's soon!
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