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Can anyone rec a good clean eating program/book?

I have been eating horribly lately and I want to clean up my act. I am looking for a clean eating program or book that will make it easy to adopt clean eating for myself, but also for my family who I cook for on a regular basis. TIA!

PS- I know i've seen posts on here about this before, but my search isn't workign for some reason so sorry if it's a repost!

Re: Can anyone rec a good clean eating program/book?

  • Any of the Tosca Reno books!  I have her original and the "recharged" version.  They explain things very well, easy to understand, and have wonderful grocery lists and meal plans.

     I'd also recommend subscribing to Clean Eating Magazine.  It only comes every other month, but it's packed with awesome recipes.  If I ever get a recipe out of a magazine it's once in a blue moon and I never look at it again. 

    The clean eating magazines, though, I reference back to ALLLLLL the time for recipes.

  • If you want to go really hard core, look into paleo. It's about as clean as you can get.
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