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Is there ever a Mom's GTG?? If so can someone please include me. My email is [email protected] or you can page me here or on the 0-6 month board. If anyone is interested in starting one I'll certainly arrange.... again email me or page. Colleen

Re: NYC Mom's GTG

  • I'd be interested. I bet some of the preggo girls on the regular NY Local Nest board would be interested, too.

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  • I too am interested - I forget this board exists sometimes, so if you set one up, will you also put it on the NY local board too.

    Pokeybear, NYCalibride and myself had a make-shift GTG at the Big City Mom's baby shower event, but with all the running around trying to get dots on our papers we didnt' really get to "catch up" and compare notes, so I think a GTG would be great!

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  • I would try to go too-- I went the big city moms shower! I didn't stay that long though--it was so hot and I missed dd at home... did you like it? did you win anything good?
  • Has anyone ever gone to a baby bites event? Check it out

    I am going to their Halloween party...

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