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Question about NY water from a CA Nestie!

Hello NY ladies!

I will be visiting my in-laws this weekend and my MIL asked me if it is okay to just use tap water for our DD's bottles of if she needs to buy bottled water or a Brita.
We live in San Francisco where we would never let her drink the water (we don't without the Brita) but I am from NY and I know the water is the best.
Just curious what you moms do when making formula. Do you use the tap water or filtered?
Any advice would be appreciated.


Re: Question about NY water from a CA Nestie!

  • our pedi reccommends always boiling water before using it for anything for a baby.  She says you never know, it may even be dirty because of your own boiler or pipes.  But it also depends on your dd's age.  As for bottled water or brita, she doesn't reccomend using those either.

    I always drink straight from the tap.
  • DH & I drink tap, but we boil water for DD's bottles.
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  • i can personally attest to the safety of the nyc tap water.  i am the director of a nursery school in lower manhattan and one the kids in the school have a parent who works for the city and is actually responsible for keeping our water safe.   I would not run out and buy bottled water but if it makes you feel betterl, get a brita filter. 
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