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anyone giving birth at Roosevelt Hospital?

That is where I am scheduled to be but I heard a horror story tonight and now I am nervous. Anyone know anything or had good/bad expereiences to share? Thanks!

Re: anyone giving birth at Roosevelt Hospital?

  • I am (10th Ave and 58th Street). Haven't heard any horror stories. My friend had her baby there last year and raved about how great it was. DH is also friends with a L&D nurse who worked there for years until about 2 years ago and she says it's the best hospital in the city to have a baby.

    I went on the tour recently and the only things I was not happy with was: 1) DH cannot stay overnight (unless you pay extra for a private room) and 2) there are no lactation consultants who work for the hospital.

  • i gave birth there this week and it was FANTASTIC. Every single nurse was amazing and I have only positive things to say- it was all around great experience. one thing- if you can afford the private room, go for it- it made a world of difference . private bathroom and room for spouse to stay over, and AWESOME food!!!
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  • Congrats Sorte!! Unfortunately at $750 a night, it's not a luxury I can afford. DH asked me if a room at the Ritz and a private nurse would be cheaper LOL!!

    Glad to hear another positive experience from Roosevelt. All of my u/s and genetic counseling, etc there has been fantastic - I think the staff if great.

  • I'm supposed to give birth there, too (10th Ave/58th street) and I've been nervous, too (not sure why, either).  Honestly, I've heard pros and cons about every hospital in the city.  But I really like my OB and in order to stick with him, I have to go to SLR, so that's that.  But I am interested in other people's experiences, please share!
  • i will be delivering at NYU, but i had major neurosurgery on my cervical spine at roosevelt hospital in november 2005, and have nothing but raves about my hospital experience.

    the nursing staff was great and the room was clean enough tp eat off the floor. 

    also, my friend is delivering there in july.

    remember, for every bad story you hear, there are probably 20 that you don't.  i think the most important thing is being comfortable with your provider.

    try not to worry.
  • I gave birth there and it was overall a good experience. I agree with PP about getting a private room if possible. It can become a little annoying with nurses, doctors, family & friends going in and out of the room at all times.  Double that amount when you have a roommate!!  But, the experience was amazing!  GL!
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