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What's up Moms and MomsToBe?

How is everyone doing? How are your kiddos, if you have them already?

I'm doing well, tired and sore and whiny, but all in all, I'm healthy and so is the baby.

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Re: What's up Moms and MomsToBe?

  • Hay! I hope more people post on here. I think having a baby in NYC is wayyyy different from having one out in suburbia. I'd love to pick the brains of some Metropolitan Mommies!
  • OMG!  Is there action on this board????

    My little kiddo is (hopefully) down for the night, and I am going to hit the ice cream and catch up on some tv while dh works.  (hmmm, why can't I get rid of this baby weight???)

    When are you due?
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  • Glad to see some action on this board, too!  I'm due in March and trying to figure out how we're going to have our first baby in a 1 BDR apt.  Can I ask a silly questions?  What if DC and I are out for a long walk and I have to change a diaper on a cold day?  Where am I supposed to change her if we in for example, Central Park?  TIA!!
  • I had my dd on May 31, so it was warm out already.  But I just made sure she was fed and changed right before we left the house.  There really is no way to plan for this until you know your baby's habits.  My dd liked to BF for one hour at a time with one hour in between each feeding, so I was feeding her every other hour and I would change her diaper right before I fed her.

    Once your dc is a couple of months old it will be warmer out and you will have a pattern and it will all become much easier and second nature for you.  You should also probably check with your pedi - they might not want such a new and little baby out in the cold weather / end of flu season.  If they catch any fever or illness before two months old they are automatically hospitalized.

    Also, I might get flamed for this, but - a diaper is not a drop everything emergency the way eating is, so you do not have to change your dc's diaper every time there is a pee or poop just being made.  Not that I let her sit in it for hours, but if there is no where available and she is not crying over it, I just play it by ear.  IMO its much more important to feed them as soon as they become hungry.

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