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Need Exercise!

What do you all think is the best form of exercise? Do you go to the gym? I need to shed a few pounds and would like to know what works best? I know both diet and exercise together are needed, which I am ready for! I spoke with a woman from NYSC and she said that I should try Rock the Scales because on the site, there is a meal and workout plan! Does anyone do this?

Re: Need Exercise!

  • haven't tried that but I love kickboxing. haven't done it since I became pregnant (instead working w.a trainer).

    If you can afford a trainer once a wk (I think it's about $80), that is to me the best option, they create a tailored program for you. i have a great trainer at NYSC if you're interested. he helped me get into amazing shape for my wedding in a really short amount of time. he's willing to work out w/clients if they have their own buiding gyms etc. too.

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