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New to this Board...New York Mommies


I'm planning on moving to New York with two kids! I want to plan this move VERY well. So I'm going to give myself 2 years. This is a career move.

My questions:
How long have you lived in New York and what part?
Do you have any kids?
Is it hard to juggle family and work in New York?
What are the best places to live (with kids)?
What are the best schools and daycares?
Is it possible to have a good life there?
If you live in the City do you really need a car?

If I missed anything just fill in the blanks for me :)
I do know people in New York but, not close to any of them.

Thanks so MUCH for your time.

Re: New to this Board...New York Mommies

  • Hi. I don't have kids but I have been a preschool teacher and nanny in NYC so i might have some advice for you.

    I live on the Upper East Side. The UES and Upper West Side are the best places to live with kids. They have the best public and private schools. Daycares are found all over the city.

    Juggling work and kids is hard in NYC. Most parents I know here work until 7 pm or later on a nightly basis. Be prepared to work longer hours than you do whereve you live now. Also, nannies and daycare are expensive if you want the best. Everything here is expensive!

    If you manage to balance it all, it is definitely possible to have a good life here. This is the greatest city in the world. It has so much culture. Museums, parks, restaurants, PEOPLE. If you take advantage of what the city has to offer you will not be disappointed.

    You do not necessarily need a car in the city, but you will probably want one if you can afford it. Parking in the street is a PITA because it's impossible to get a spot, and you will constantly have to move it for street sweepers. If your building has a garage it's much easier. If you ever want to get away from the city (Hamptons in the summer, beaches, apple-picking upstate in the fall, etc) a car is a must. Also, prices here are so rediculous that you will find yourself driving out to Target and Costco to stock up on necessities.
    If owning a car in the city is not an option, i recommend zipcar. Zipcar accounts are affordable and super convenient!

    Hope that helps! If you need more info, feel free to page me on the Babies on the Brain board!

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