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BEST everyday stoller for a NYC Mom?

I am really struggling with this. I hear good and bad things about everything I research.  Is the bugaboo as good as everyone says?

Re: BEST everyday stoller for a NYC Mom?

  • I have the Maxi COsi whichis the knock off of the bugaboo.  I did alot of sidewalk walking withmy Peg perego and it was a beast...  It would getcaught on uneven pavement and I eventually wore the wheels out.  I love themaxi cosie because you can buy all the parts  separate if you need to replace them and the ride is so smooth...  It also does cubs like a champ.  I have compared it side by side with the Bugaboo and Like it a little better as the front wheels are alittle larger.
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  • we like the Mutsy 4Rider. we just wanted something other than a bugaboo because everyone has them. I think the bugaboo is pretty good though, and that's why everyone has them.
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  • i have a bugaboo and i absolutely love it. i've had no problems with it and i do a lot of walking. a great stroller for living in the city. i've tested out the quinny buzz and peg perego and those seem just as good and not as pricey.
  • I have been using the Graco Metrolite (his car seat fits into the stroller which was nice when DS was a baby) and I have a little bit of stroller envy. I like the bugaboo b/c you can have baby face you or face out which is a feature I don't have. AND I have a Maclaren that I have yet to use b/c it has 2 separte handles as opposed to one bar across the top and I think I need one bar b/c how else can you push the stroller and talk on a cell phone?? Plus the bugaboo has extras that fit perfectly like the all important rain/wind cover. I have a big bulky cover.. one feature I love on the graco is a snack tray for DC I use it all the time. Maybe the MAxi Cosi has the same features but this is what I wish I had known before I registered for a stroller.
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