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Tell me about Staten Island... DH offered a job there.

Dh and I are from the south (him New Orleans, me about an hour east on MS gulf coast).  We've lived a few places since.... Dh did his graduate work in Central NY and we loved our time there. We loved NY so much we wanted to head back after his post doc.  Well... he was offered a position with a college on SI.  I'm panicked!  I'm so worried about finances! From what the real estate broker told me, I fear we'll never have a home of our own.    Dh will be a college professor... I'm a RN.  We have two beautiful babies (2 y/o and 5 months). Neither have been in daycare... my 2 y/o goes to a mothers morning out once or twice a week for a 3 hr morning.  They will definitely have to now given I will have to work more than the occassional 4 hr shift. 

So tell me about SI and surrounding area.  Tell me how wonderful it is or how horrible it is.  What area is best to rent on SI.  My DH said it was suburban on SI (from what he saw... Grymes Hill area I think).  Is it a good place to raise a child. I'm getting different opinions from friends who live in NJ and Brooklyn.  (each preferring their area)...  Also on schools???  One friend said private schools are a must... but I thought NYC was supposed to have great public schools?  How are they on SI?  Any info, really give it to me!  


Re: Tell me about Staten Island... DH offered a job there.

  • DH and I are both born and raised in Brooklyn and I would definitely move to SI.  It is the most suburban borough of the 5, and the most affordable borough to buy a home.  As for schooling, I went to NYC public school my entire life and am a big fan and will send my DD to public school as well.  Dh went to catholic school all his life and thinks he had a better education.  (I'm waaay smarter, lol.  j/k!)

    I'm sorry I don't know S.I. well enough to tell you which parts are better, I just know its more suburban and you get more for your money when it comes to buying a home.  Can you just rent a house?  Right now, NYC is one of the few places where renting makes more sense than owning a home.  With all that said, I would love to own my own home too, but can't afford it right now.  I am a sahm, but we had been planning on me staying home, and we rent, so we don't have a big mortgage hanging over our head every month.

    You can also check out NJ.  It should be an easy commute - there are a few different ways to get to SI from NJ every day.

    G.L, I hope I helped you just a little
  • I hope I'm not to late. I live in Brooklyn, but I know a lot about SI. If you can afford private school, that's what you should do. NYC schools are notorious for overcrowding and a few other things that aren't so great. And SI is nice depending on the area you go to. Just like anywhere else in NYC. You can usually tell a lot about the area from driving through it. I would definitely get in touch with a god realtor from SI and they can most certainly help you find a place.
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  • I am from SI and expecting my first child.  If you are going to live in NYC, SI is the most rural of the boroughs.  There are a few good neighborhoods on SI.  But just like most of NYC each area has a few blocks that are best to be avoided.  A good realtor should be ble to guide you.

    There are plenty of parks on "the rock," and it is close enough to the city to see shows and museums.

    One downside I have been experiencing is the lack of daycare or daycare referrals.  But that is why  joned this site, to see if I can get some more info...

    As for public schhols, they are a lot different than when I grew up.  I definately received a good education, but as previous posts stated, they are getting over crowded and the kids are becoming more and more undisciplined.  If you can afford private school, I think it will be worth it.  My husband and  are starting to save now...

    Good luck!
  • The Verranzano bridge (SI access to NY) is going up to $10 bucks! There is a discount for SI residents, right now they pay about 5 bucks. I live in Bk and work in NJ. That toll adds up!!
  • Stay away from the North Shore & find a good realtor who has lived in SI for a LONG time.  Ours grew up on SI & we LOVE our house & neighbourhood!
    Hubby will prob be retiring in 10 years so as for schools, we're really only looking at K-6 & I'm thinking of Catholic school (even though I'm not Catholic) or private.
    Start saving.

  • Sept0906 -  What neighborhood are you in?  We keep hearing to stay south or live close to Grymes Hill (which we hear is pricey) or to live in either Brooklyn or NJ.  So much info that it's getting very confusing.
  • Sorry for the delay in replying.  The North Shore has a lot of crime.  Anything close to the ferry - there are a lot of projects, there is a lot of crime there as well.  There are beautiful affordable homes in the Snug Harbour area but we wouldn't buy there because my husband was not comfortable with me walking around that area - especially after sundown.
    Sorry if I'm going to get slammed for this but it's true. 
    We ended up buying in the New Dorp area. 
    Good luck!

  • Halo - Grymes Hill IS nice but it's wayyyyyy too close to the Stapleton projects. 
  • Thanks!  That's good info!  We're actually looking at a place in the New Dorp area.  Seems like we're looking too soon though. Everything is available now and we cannot pay two rents for the next two months.  I have to settle down a little for another month or so.  lol.  We'll see.

    Did you rent there prior to buying?  If so, did you go through a broker?  Craigslist? the newspaper?  

    Thanks a million!

  • Yes, we rented first but it was from a friend who owned the house.  It was only when we bought that we went through a broker.  If you need a recommendation e-mail me!  She grew up in Staten Island & was excellent!
  • Ok, I am born and raised in SI and am very offended that someone said to stay away from the North Shore because I believe every area has there bad people not the area. I have lived on the North Shore my entire life. I use to live close to Snug Harbor and attended both private and public schools. I now live in Mainers Harbor and I am very content and have not encountered any crime. As far as schools I have heard complaints about schools on both Shores. For my son it was either Petrides or private and he was lucky enough to get in Petrides. Good Luck and don't believe the hype their are some great homes on the North Shore!
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