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Need help with trip to NYC

Hi, DH and I are traveling to NYC in Dec. and our little one will be 4 1/2 months.  Any advice?  DH has been once but I've never been.  We were going to leave the baby at home  but I'm just not comfortable doing it so early.  We have nothing planned yet but are booking our flights, hotel, etc. in March.

Thanks so much!!

Re: Need help with trip to NYC

  • You might want to wait until you actually have your baby before you plan, book, and most importantly, pay for your trip. 

    I thought that I would be able to leave my unborn child overnight at 4 months to attend my oldest friend's wedding in NJ - just one state away - and when the time came I couldn't leave her, and it was hard to plan to leave her with breastfeeding, too.

    Wait it out.  If you don't believe me, try asking this on the 0-6 months board :  0-6 Months

    Best wishes with your new baby, and I hope you make the right decision for you and your baby!
  • We're planning on taking the baby with us.  DH took a new job and has to have 9 month notice on any vacation.  It's stupid to have that much notice and he be so far up the chain of commands.  We're booking in early March but was looking for advice on what to do, things to consider, etc.  I posted it on the 0-6 month board and got great replies!
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  • glad you got help on 0-6.  Also just consider flu season on a crowded plane.  baby cannot get a flu shot til 6 months, so s/he won't be protected.
  • Yeah, I would consider the time of year too... rsv/flu season... the cold.. having to fly with a 4 1/2 month old.  I personally wouldn't do it.   I would consider going in the spring (May-ish)  How pretty would it be then.  Although I'm sure you're thinking of all of the wonderful holiday stuff in NYC around that time. I'd maybe wait until baby is old enough to enjoy all of those lights and the excitement.  
  • I would wait until the spring to cometo NYC...  It gets really cold and the streets can be like a wind tunnel...  However it is nice to see the tree and the windows.

    To avoid illness onthe plane I would put saline in you DCs nose.  They say keeping the nose hydrated cuts down on illness.

    SInce it would be really cold I would suggest youplan out where you want to go and get a hotel central to that.  The cab drivers are pretty bad and I have more then enough times been jostled into the plexiglass...  SO you would want to limit your cab travels...

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