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NYC teachers I have a question!!

My SIL told me that in order for her to take Maternity leave she would have to use her sick bank before they give her disability?  Is that true?  I thought that DIsability covered your 6 week PP....

Re: NYC teachers I have a question!!

  • I lived in Ithaca (west NY) and had the NYS disability insurance when I had my daughter... through them, I had the disability of 50% of my pay up to a certain amount (which was not 50% of my take home pay at all!) and then I supplemented with my sick time and vaca time on top.  It was 6wk for vaginal, 8wk for section... although I got 8 wks for vaginal delivery due to complications.  That legnth also depends on when your ob states you can go back to work.  Mine had to right a slip to say I was ok to return to work. 

    Now that's a nurse in NYS, not NYC. I don't know how the NYC school system works... but I would assume the same, disability first. ???  

    Good luck to your SIL.
  • Oh ... part of the plan was that I had to use so many days of sick time before the disability went through. I believe the disability started on a new week, so if you went in on a weekend, it would be a full week away, if you went in on a Wed it would kick in on the following Monday. ???  I think it was something like that.  I remember thinking that was messed up. Maybe that's what she's refering to??? 
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  • Ask the union leader at your school for the phone number to ask questions about maternity leave. I lost the number but they are super knowledgable. They gave me a lot of good info.

    I'm giving birth in June so it doesn't really apply to me but I did call and they told have to use all the days in your sick bank and then you get disability.  You might also want to ask your union leader about the maternity workshops. I believe they are held one a month in Brooklyn. HTH!
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