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Daycares and Pedis

As posted below, my family and I are moving to the area this summer.  My husband accepted a position at a college on Staten Island.  Does anyone have any recs for daycares and pedis on SI?  I know the college has a preschool that my daughter will be able to use (hopefully we're not too late trying to get in the program).  But my son will need daycare 2 or 3 days a week (we haven't decided how many yet/how much I'll be working). He will be one on 9/11/08. 
Any recs for a Pedi? 
Anyone know if the hospitals on SI have daycares on site?  I'm an RN... oh and if you know about avg rate of pay for an RN with 7 years experience, let me know. I have looked on but some of the positions that are listed as parttime are also listing salaries that would be higher per hour than what payscale lists. ? 


Re: Daycares and Pedis

  • Alot of people that work in NY live in NJ.  You and your DH might want to look at NJ.  Staten Island is about 20 minutes from FOrds NJ and there are alot of oppurtunities around there.  Most of my SI friends have moved to NJ the prices are a bit better here.

    WHere I live in HIllsborough Township I am 1 hour from the East coast of SI...  So you have alot of options. 
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