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NYC OBGYN needed

Hi there-

I'm looking for a new OB/GYN in NYC (female only)- preferably one on the UES or Midtown East and one who takes insurance (I have United Heathcare).

Thanks for your help! 

Re: NYC OBGYN needed

  • My OB/GYN is all women and I love them, the only problem for you is that they are downtown.
    The are called Downtown Women's OB/GYN.
    I don't have the number on me but if you google them they do have a website.

    Good luck!


  • I was going to post the exact same message, thanks! I need an OB/GYN as well. We just moved to Queens with my husband and we just found out that we are pregnant! So we are also looking for a doctor in Midtown East, but the one that would take Blue cross Blue shield. ANy help would be appreciated!
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  • Thanks for your help!  I decided that I am going to go to a Dr. that a friend of mine recommended- her name is Dr. Rachel Villanueva and she is with NYU.  If anyone knows anything about her, please let me know. 
  • I just thought I'd post an update in case other people read this string of posts... I did NOT like Dr. Villanueva and would not recommend her.  I think I'll try Holly Nath which 2 people have recommended!  Thanks guys!
  • what didn't you like about her?  (I don't know her, but am curious what makes people not like their docs so i can be on the lookout for things)

  • What didn't I like?  I hated that she did my pre-conception consultation in an exam room instead of her office, it was just an uncomfortable environment.  She seemed rushed the whole time and I didn't feel comfortable with her answers... She had no information/advice to share with me and I felt like all of the burden to get the info I need was on my shoulders.  I want an OBGYN that is warm and comforting-- and she was qute the opposite!  I'm sure is very smart and a great Dr., but just not the type I am looking for!
  • i have heard great things about Dr. Nath.  My best friend is pregnant and using her now.  I LOVE my doc too but she is on the west side.  let me know if you found someone you like or you need the info!! 
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