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NYC OB/GYN, Pediatrician, Daycare...

I just found out that I am pregnant. I am super excited but I am also starting to worry. I just moved into the area -- Queens, but my husband works in Midtown East (59th St). I need everything: OBGYN, Pediatrician for the baby, hospital, and good daycare (I heard there are really long waiting lists). If you have any recommendations about any of those (or some others that I am not thinking of at the moment) somewhere in Midtown East area PLEASE let me know!!! I would greatly appreciate any help I can get!
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Re: NYC OB/GYN, Pediatrician, Daycare...

  • Dr. Robin Kalish at Weill Cornell Presbyterian Hospital is my OB... she has been great so far and the hospital is rated the best in the city to deliver.  (69th & York).  Everythign is right there, so you don't have to make multiple appointments all over the city -- you go to your monthly check ups right at the hospital which is super convenient. 

    Haven't gotten to the Pediatrician yet, but I'd use whomever Dr. Kalish recommends. 

    We're going with a nanny for baby care. 

  • I'm in Queens. What part are you in? All my doctors are in Great Neck. It's about 30 minutes and they are really good quality. I go to Dr. Nimeroff in Great Neck. They have a great practice. I will also be getting a pediatrician in the area....oh just realized you wrote midtown. Well great neck is good too if you go east.
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