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Anyone use Murray Hill OBGYN?? Comments?

Re: Murray Hill OBGYN

  • I do and so far they have been great. I only had one appointment since I am 10 weeks but I really like them.
  • I love the Doctors and staff at Murray Hill. My pregnancy was less stressful knowing that the staff was so professional.
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  • I think somebody complimented Dr. Worrell before, but I had a different experience. I went to her for an annual gyn exam and felt rushed through the entire visit (although this is probably fairly common with all docs). My biggest complaint was that it was nearly impossible to get my results. I do not have an office job, so she could not call me to give me my results. Instead, she paged me, but couldn't wait even 5 minutes for me to return the page; every time I called back (and I answered immediately), she was with another patient. Nobody else was allowed to relay the information to me and they were unwilling to make a phone appointment for me. I felt she was unaccomodating. Then again, whether you are comfortable with a doc or not is completely subjective, and that can only be determined through a face to face meeting.
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    I had my first baby with them. All the drs I saw were great. I was not happy with my experience at the hospital (NYU) so I switched practices for my 2nd pregnancy, but it was not any of the ob-gyn's fault.
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