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registering for shower

Where are you registering for your baby shower? 

Re: registering for shower

  • When I was pregnant I registered at Babies r Us and Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory. Target seems to have a great selection now and more people are registering with them.

  • I registered at babies r us and have had a great experience with them.

    Target has a big selection, but a bad return policy that does not favor the registrants or the customer.  If you ask the ladies on the 0-6 months or 6-12 months boards, they will all tell you that they had a hard time with returns at target - if they received multiples of the same gift with no receipts, target would not take more than one or two returns per year with no receipt per person - I think they copy your license # down so they can keep track.
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  • we registered at BRU, babystyle and giggle.
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