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Baby shower locations in NYC or Brooklyn

Hey there, everyone! It's been a few years (ack!) since I've been on the Knot (or the Nest, for that matter) but folks were so helpful when we were planning our wedding, that I thought I'd jump back in with both feet and ask for advice about throwing a baby shower. My sister is pregnant, due the first week in August. Do any of you have any suggestions for locations to hold a small girl/guy shower in NYC or the Carroll Gardens area of Brooklyn? I'm looking for something unique and comfortable, but not pricey (is that even possible?), someplace where I can bring food or where it is provided. They don't have a car, but I'm sure between some of the invitees we'd be able to get all the gifts to their apartment. Truly, I'm starting from square one with this. :D Thanks so much!

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