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Lawrence Levitan, OB/GYN at 35th/Park

Hi guys, This is my OB/GYN, but I'm newly pregnant for the first time. I really like the guy, he was super kind when I had some cycle issues, but am not sure how I will feel about him now that he's my OB, not just my GYN. Anybody use him? His partner, Dr. Cassidy, seemed a little brisk the one time she did my annual. Second: my insurance says Levitan is affiliated with Beth Israel. I don't want to deliver there. But if you google Levitan (and Cassidy), it says they are affiliated with NYU Medical Center. I'd love to deliver there. Is it possible they have hospital privileges in both places? Has anybody been able to choose one of a few hospital choices with a practice? My first appointment isn't for a few weeks, and of course I intend to ask then. In the meantime, I thought I might gather information. Thanks.

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  • hi!

    in my experience a practice is usually affiliated with one hospital where they deliver so definitely ask. I think going with NYU is a smart choice. If you are not sure you are happy with your doctor when you go in, definitely look around.  I am almost 12 weeks pregnant and it's been so important to me to have the support of my doctor.  She is fabulous and her practice is too including nurses, reception etc.  It's also four women which I like!  She is affiliated with Roosevelt Hospital on the west side.  They also have a great reputation so I am not sure where you live but if you need a switch please let me know!  Best of luck and congrats!! 
  • Thanks for replying! I'd love to get a rec from you, if you don't mind. I have to call the office tomorrow to see if they can push back my appointment to a later time so my husband can come, so I'm going to ask about hospital affiliation. (I would've called back today, but the woman answering the phone in the afternoon is like an SNL character and I was trying (a) not to laugh at her and (b) get off the phone as quickly as possible.) I scrolled down this board and jotted down a few other names. I would like to poll some of my friends and my cousin, but it's tough to do that and, um, not tell them why you're asking. We're still totally shell-shocked about being pregnant to begin with (not that we're not happy, just shocked, too) so we're definitely not telling family yet. We live in the West Village, so a practice on the West side is preferable, but we'd go to any hospital that was good (and takes Oxford health care). I've checked out the NY Mag listing of best hospital for OB, too. I'm sure I can't be helpful, yet, but I do plan to check this board periodically -- even though it's a little slow. That's probably my speed, anyway, as I'm usually super busy at work. I've never been a chat room poster, but with this kind of thing, it is nice to have a place to ask anonymous questions.
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  • Dr. Levitan is my OB doctor, I had just moved back to the city and found out I was pregnant and didn't have a ton of time to research. The practice had gotten god reviews and I never have any issues with them. So far I have had no issues with my appts and if anything I feel like they make me feel not as stressed out, don't push everything to the books. I switch out every month between him and Dr. Worrell (love her). I am planning on delivering at Best Israel, they actually just revamped all their rooms on the maternity floor and they are really nice (the old ones were not very welcoming).
    Would call and ask if you can choose a hospital.
    Overall the practice has been great to me, very accommodating to OB patients. Don't really wait and appts never seem rushed.
    He seems pretty popular as well, I had a childbirth class and out of the 10 couples 3 of us went here.
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