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Thoughts on Beth Israel for delivery?

Okay, so this is, I guess, follow up to my last post. I read an article about Beth Israel in the Times online, but I think it was at least 8 years old. The article had less than good things to say about Beth Israel's obstetrics -- not terrible, just that there was a lot of doctor turnover, which doesn't speak well to the facility. However, the woman who responded to my post below said the facility had been updated. And, in NY Mag's hospital rating in 2006, it got 8th for OB/GYN. Which doesn't seem bad. Did you deliver there? Thoughts? Rumors? My dad's life was saved by going from a crappy hospital to a fabulous hospital, so I think I'm just a little sensitive to hospital reputation. My issue is that by every measure, I'd like to stick with my current OB, but for the fact that he only delivers at Beth Israel. (I called and checked; the NYU affiliation is old.)

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  • hi..

    i had my baby at beth israel in july 2007 and i have to say i had a wonderful experience there. i ended up having an emergency c section so i my hospital stay was a little longer than planned.  (i also had a fever that wouldn't come down, so they were not able to let me go home).

    during my recovery i had a private room and was in the new renovated area.  the nurses and doctors on staff were great.

    if you have any questions for me just let me know!

  • hi!!  i wrote to you a few days ago....sorry it took so long to get back.  here are my thoughts...if you LOVE your doc than stick with Beth Israel.  I have a good friend that delivered at Beth Israel and had a great experience because she loved her doc!  I think that's the most important thing.  When is your next app?  If you aren't happy please tell me.  I am seeing my doc again May 1st and I will gladly ask her if she is accepting new patients.  Last time she said something about only taking on her GYN patients when they got pregnant vs. new OB patients but i am going to ask her again.  Keep me posted!!!  I live in Union Square so we aren't too far from each other!!
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  • Hi....

    I delivered in July 2007, had a private room in the newly renovated area and really enjoyed the experience, everyone was nice and my baby stayed with me! I was on the fence initially b/c of all the neg. feedback that I had received but decided to deliver there b/c I absolutely adore my OB/Gyn-we've had our patient/doc relationship for 5 yrs. So, if you love your doctor then go for it, your doctor s/b a reason to go there. Good luck!
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