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OB docs : Downtown vs Spring

Hi! I'm not pregnant yet, but I'd like to pick an OB to visit before trying to conceive. I live near NYU and eventually want to deliver there; I also want an all-female practice, so have narrowed it down to Downtown and Spring. Does anybody have experience with / opinions about either of these practices? If so which specific OB would you recommend or not recommend at either of these? Thanks in advance!!

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  • hi!
    i saw your post and thought i would respond.  i used a doctor at spring obgyn as a gynecologist and was referred to her. her name was heidi flagg. i was not happy there.  the office staff was rude to me on the phone about making an appointment and when I told the doctor about it she didn't really address the situation nor apolgoize.  I also had a benign nothing on my breast however before we knew what it was I wasn't thrilled with how she handled the entire situation in terms of sensitivity or actually having much concern at all. I have heard other docs there are nice.  from what I hear about downtown obgyn, people like them too. I am pregnant and using a fabulous doc on the upper west side which sounds a little far for you.  she delivers at roosevelt.   spring may have good docs but I just wanted to fill you in on who I was using there and why I switched!!  good luck!!
  • thanks! that was helpful! the problem with OB docs is that you can end up with anybody in the practice for your delivery, so it's not just a matter of picking one good physician.
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  • hi jini. i go to spring ob/gyn and have just worked with the the midwife there so far, bonnie yim.  she's really great and i when i went to have an ultrasound done a few weeks ago at the hospital (unable to do that in the spring st. office), the dr. there said that bonnie was a pleasure to work with.  she always has time to answer my questions and calls me to personally tell me my test results.  i will get to know the rest of the dr's throughout the rest of my pregnancy, but so far i have had a positive experience with the midwife.  good luck!

  • hi jeanne-

    true what you wrote about not sure who will deliver for you however...when you are pregnant you will be dealing with your main OB for most of the pregnancy so if you are happy with her that's what counts.  in most practices each doc has a different reputation (some better than others) so it may be hard to find a practice where you feel connected to all of the doctors.  the previous post recommends a midwife at spring obgyn who sounds really good.  maybe go in for a consultation!  that's the best way to meet a doctor.  sit down, tell them you are thinking about having a baby and get a feel for them.  maybe do that at downtown as well so you can get a feel for the offices too!  good luck!  let me know how it goes:)
  • i saw bonnie yim, the midwife at spring throughout my pregnancy.  i LOVE her.  she is everything the pp said.  they do make you rotate and see all the Dr's there, which I did, except there is one new one there that I didn't because I already had my baby when she came along (I think her name is Dr. White, not sure).  Anyway, I have no complaints about the others at all.  Dr. Flagg was a little stand off-ish but nothing to complain about to me.  Dr. Maldonado I ended up seeing twice due to scheduling issues, and I ended up loving her too.  I also remember liking Dr. Friedman alot as well.

    When I delivered, unfortunately Bonnie wasn't on call.  They say she makes 80% of her patients' births.  Luckily I got my 2nd favorite - Dr. Maldonado and she was awesome throughout the entire experience.  Right now I'm seeing her for GYN stuff.  She seems pretty popular because it's hard to get appts with her, but I think she's worth the wait =)  I always recommend this practice to my friends now.
  • i go  to downtown and LOVE it!!! all the drs are great - they are responsive too.
  • i used to go to spring, when debrah coady was a doc there ... it was a great practice back then ... but i'm not sure how things are there now.

    i have been going to downtown for a few years now ... i was incredibly happy with all the obs and the care i received through out my pregnancy.  would recommend without hesitation.
  • I also go to downtown and love it!! I've been through the cycle to see all of the doctors now and they are all super-nice and responsive, and patient. When we had a little bit of a scare with some test results, Dr. Shih left us her pager # so we could call back at any time with questions even though she was no longer on call.
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