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St Luke's Roosevelt for delivery?

Does anyone have feedback on this hospital? I don't hear as many people rave about it, but it's where my dr. delivers. I would switch dr's if it really is worth it to be at a better hospital. As it stands I hear it's hard to get a private rooms, and these run $400 per day. Thanks!

Re: St Luke's Roosevelt for delivery?

  • i love my doc so i am delivering at Roosevelt.  I have had friends who delivered there.  I hear it's not the lap of luxury but that it's nice and the nurses are nice.  if you are happy with your OB then I would stick with him/ friend just delivered at NYU and she was also on a waiting list for a private room so I think that's common!  good luck:)
  • I called Roosevelt and they said the $400 number is outdated and it is actually $750 a night! Are you fricken kidding me? I'd rather stay at the Plaza for that price.

    Goign to have to look for a new doctor / hospital at this rate. Anyone have any suggestions?
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  • I haven't delivered there yet, but my cousin has... twice in fact.  I also know two other women about to deliver there.  I haven't heard anything really negative or really wonderful, but I'm loyal to my OB so that's where I have to go.  So far, I've been there twice for testing & the big u/s.  It felt generally friendly & clean.  HTH!
  • Hi 847christine,

    i remember you from the wedding boards--you married 1 month earlier and looks like you'll be delivering one month earlier as well (at same hospital! unless I switch of course).

    My u/s have gone well at the hospital too. My main gripe right now is with the cost of private room--it's a lot higher than it is at more renowned hospitals (NY Presby, Lenox). However switching docs is a big pain..lots to figure out. 

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi :)

  • to add to that, I too had a scan at the hospital and yes it was very clean and friendly!  if you love your OB i think this should be a good hospital to deliver in.  it depends on your doctor..that should be your number one priority!! 
  • Oh, of course fallbride... I remember your knot name!  I can't recall if we ever met at a GTG though?  It never occurred to me that there would be such a high charge for a private room.  It's something we're going to have to look into, so I'm glad you've brought it to my attention.  I'm too far into this pregnancy to think about changing now though.
  • St. Luke's Roosevelt pvt rooms - $750 per day
    I think I'm going with semi-private.
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