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Ques on bringing baby home in the City

I heard that you are required to have a car seat when briniging a newborn home from the hospital.

How does this work in the City? We have a car but it's not parked in the city, and most likely I'll be cabbing it from the hospital to our apt. Does this mean we have to bring a car seat and set it up in a cab?

Re: Ques on bringing baby home in the City

  • I don't know this officially, but someone told me you still have to prove that you have a car seat.  If you weren't planning on buying one, maybe you can find someone to loan one to you for the ride home?

  • I am not sure, we always have our car - but your best bet is to call the hospital and find out.  if the hospital is in the city, they probably deal with this question all the time and know the lawful answer to this.
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  • i delivered in manhattan.  we took a cab and our DD was, of course, in a car seat.
  • You need to have a car seat for the cab or you can't leave the hospital.
  • the graco snug ride can be used in a cab (or another car) without the base. you just bring the car seat to the hospital and use it without the base going home. read the instructions on doing this--it's very, very easy. I did it a few times with dd in cabs. good luck,
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