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Bjorn on the Subway?

I've got to start taking DD to daycare in Manhattan, and my original plan was to strap her in the Bjorn and and take the subway.  Of course, since her daycare is 8 - 6, this will be during rush hour.  So I've been doing a couple of test-runs and I'm not so sure. 

Seats are hard to come by and I'm not sure if people will give them up if you're carrying a baby OUTSIDE your belly :D  With all the starting and stopping and slowing and speeding up, I'm afraid I might lose balance and it wouldn't be safe for her if we have to stand up.  Not to mention the throngs of people pushing and shoving. WDYT?

Re: Bjorn on the Subway?

  • Do  you have an express bus you can take?

    Or maybe you can take one of the last few cars on the train where its usually less crowded?

    I would think that people would give up their seat if you had a baby on the outside of your belly!  I see plenty of people give up their seats for kids who can already walk and stand on their own and definitely look old enough to be way past the potty training years (like 5 or 6 years old)
  • See I would think the baby would be safer attached to your belly then in a stroller because of the crowding during rush hour when even the last cars are still very full. The Xpress bus would be a really good option if thats availible to you.
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  • I actually preferred to stand when I had dd in the Bjorn.  It was just more comfortable that way, and she clearly liked it better b/c she would get fussy when I sat down.
  • I have an ergo, not a bjorn, so baby faces inward, which makes me feel safer. I know baby isn't going to get poked in the eye or lick somebody. ;-)

    I like the security of having baby on me when I'm in the subway instead of in the stroller. I always worry about an errant briefcase or shopping bag thwacking the baby or an elevator being out of service.

    Also, like a pp said, my little munchkin stays calmer when I stand, he likes the swaying. As soon as I sit he gets restless and tries to get out.

    I can see the balance problem, but honestly as long as it is rush hour and you have a pole spot to hold on to and it is crowded there isn't too far you could go without some fat guy breaking your fall. And i do think people would give up seats.

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