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My husband and I are going to start to "try" in the next year or so, and I feel a lot of pressure to pick a good OBGYN!

It is very hard to find one (none of my friends are pregnant yet) - so, I am hoping some of you have had good experiences.

I don't love the BIG group obgyns - I def need someone who will be able to answer all of my questions (God knows, I will have many)! And, be accessible.

We will be moving to Hoboken soon, but I would like to see a dr. in Manhattan.  We have heard that NY Presbyterian is the best hospital to give birth in....but I've also heard good things about St. Lukes...

Any feedback on a Dr / Hospital would be GREATLY appreciated. 

THANK YOU sooooooo Much!!!! xoxoxo

Re: OBGYN / Hospital Recommendation

  • I love my OB - Samantha Feder on 60th/Columbus Circle. Been with her for about 10 years and she delivered my baby in Feb. She's youngish and very non-alarmist and has a few young kids of her own. She is affiliated with St Lukes/Roosevelt, so that's where I delivered. Great experience (went there for lots of testing, etc.) except for the semi-private rooms. Private rooms are $750/night and we just couldn't spend that kind of $$. Roommate situation was pretty horrible, but it's only for 2 nights, so whatever. Feel free to ask any questions.
  • I live NJ... But all of my friends have given birth in NYC.  They ALL love St. Lukes/Roosevelt.

    They have a great birthing center where you can walk around and I think they might even have midwives.  (not too sure on the last part)
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  • I go to Kirk Young on 36th btw 5th and Madison.  He's wonderful and explains everything.  I can always get in to see him, same day if I need to.  He's at St Vincents.
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  • Dear gwyndolyn8,

    Thank You!  I am going to see Dr. Feder in September - I will let you know how it goes!

    Did she deliver your baby, or if she is unavailable are there other dr's from her practice that deliver the baby?

    Thanks so much!

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  • JLBC - Dr. Feder did deliver my baby - I was induced at 41 weeks - she told me that she'd let me go for another 3 days max if I didn't go into labor, but she was on-call that weekend and she wanted to deliver me and I wanted her so I decided to be induced.

    There are 2 other women in her practice - I saw one of them when I was 37 weeks just in case - and I really liked her also.

    Good luck - hope you like her as much as I do.

  • Sidney Wu.  She's a sole practioner.  Very conservative approach (read: will err on the side of a c-section) but her instincts are usually spot on and she is all about the best results possible.  She delivers at NY Presbyterian-Cornell.  I had a fantastic experience, but if you are thinking "waterbirth, alternative therapies, all natural at all costs" she's not the one.
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