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Need Your Advice - Problems Coping w/new job

Hi everyone let me start by saying that I have a 2yr old son. Both I and my husband have recently changed jobs and my husband travels a lot so most of the responsibilities obviously fall on me. I have to also apologize in advance for jamming so much information into one post.

Anyway I really need your help. I recently changed jobs, I was with this one company for 3 yrs & felt like my brain was decaying I was not challenged at all though I had the flexibility i needed, I chose to give it up bc I thought I wanted a career!!!

I switched to a company and was really excited about my new role, it's a start up which is very exciting and when I was given the offer I asked ab the possibility of telecommuting and my boss said sure it can happen in two weeks if we see that you get more work done at home or it may be 3 months and we won't be ready to let you do that yet. So right now it's been 3 weeks (feels like soooo much longer) and no one has mentioned anything about me being able to work from home. And I am not sure if I should approach the subject on my won or wait longer. Due to this (what is making it worse is) that I feel really unmotivated and tired (thinking of all the responsibilities I have to do at home) and not be the first leaving from work (if you know what I mean) there is no longer a 9-5 concept of work hours.

I need flexibility in order to pick up my son from daycare by 6pm. It takes me an hr to get there from work and most ppl stay here at least until 5:30. When I was given an offer I told him that there will be times i will need to leave earlier to get my son when my husband will be traveling and my boss said it?s fine.

My dilemma I guess is how to get the flexibility I need w/o seeming that I am not committed to work. I don't want to mess up my image so early on but at the same time I kind of don't have a choice. I feel like I'm screwed either way.

Being in NYC there are so many workaholics here that if you have any semblance of a life it is completely impossible to compete. And it seems that every boss now is expecting you to live, breathe and eat your job and if you don't do that then you're not as strong of an asset.

Any advice on how to deal with this situation and how to approach the working from home idea? Sorry for rambling on, I feel like a crazed mouse in a cage right now. I can't deal with a full time job and home responsibilities. Oh and by the way my husband feels the same way and ofcourse I have to be strong and encouraging, as we all women are :)

Re: Need Your Advice - Problems Coping w/new job

  • If you already brought up the possibility wth your new boss, then it can't hurt to go ahead and ask about his thoughts on the matter.  I would spin it around commuting time - having to leave at 5 to get to daycare by 6 versus being able to get straight to work in the mornings and rather than drive in, and being able to work as late as you need to at night versus having to meet a deadline at daycare.  Sounds like productivity is what they are mainly concerned about, so I would kind of underline the time savings and additional time for working that would open up if you were allowed to telecommute.  GL!
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  • Good grief, just realized I am on the wrong board.  I am in NC, nowhere near NYC!  =)  I hope the job stuff all works out for you though!!!
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