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Gift to help after c-section

My sister just gave birth this AM via c-sec after water breaking friday am, being induced, and fully dialated when I went to sleep at 11pm.  Text came through at 3:45 that she was going in for section.  She lives in Astoria...I am looking for ideas for either food delivery or any other service you loved PP or would have loved to receive.  TIA!  SO excited....1st time auntie!!!!!

Re: Gift to help after c-section

  • Congratulations Auntie!!

    I would have loved food or gift cards from Fresh Direct for their ready made meals.

    A housekeeper to clean my apartment for a few weeks would have been nice, too.

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  • Ditto on the Fresh Direct.  I didn't leave the house for 3 weeks after my c-section (ok, I'm exagerrating--except for Dr.'s appts. and walks around the block, I didn't leave my house for 3 weeks.  The one time we took her to the grocery store she shouted the place down, so when my MIL ordered FD for me, I was eternally in her debt...
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  • Oh yes, housekeeper too. Hmm...maybe I should have let the last person's post stand on it's own... :D
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